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How do we confirm our booking?

In order to confirm your date, a 50% of the accepted quotation needs to be paid with a signed contract. The remainder is due on delivery of all photos. All bookings can be taken care by phone or electronically.  All prices are quoted in CAD or HKD.

How much is the travel fee if shooting is out of Toronto or Hong Kong? 

For any shooting outside of the 100km of Toronto District, there is a travel charge of CAD$1.5/km.

For interstate & international shooting, the travel fee is generally the cost of our flights, 2-3 nights accommodation and car rental if needed. 


We will provide you with a travel quote and all travel arrangements are booked by us.

When do we get to see our photos?

We will have the collection of photographs ready for you to view online 2-3 weeks  (3-4 weeks for full day shooting) after your shooting date. Each image is individually edited with great care not something to be rushed :)

Do you make photo albums?

Yes, we do!  You may choose the Album plan when booking us or purchase the additional album at a special price after your shooting.

Do you work with Second Photographer / Lighting Technician?

That depends on the details and size of the event. Generally as rule, event with over 60 guests, I would recommend a lighting technician. Event with over 120 guests I would recommend a second photographer with a lighting technician. Extra cost will be needed. You may see Pricing for more details.


We will be able to give you recommendation given your exact plans for your event.  

Do you shoot videos?

Yes, we do. And we also have short films making service.

Do you have backup gear?

Of course, lots of it :)

Can you help us with our timeline so we allow the right amount of time for photos etc? 

Yes, we always provide recommendation to our clients with their shooting timeline. We also worked as event coordinator for many times. We have a good understanding of the schedule of any event. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for help with this. 

Stay Focus Production owns exclusive rights to all images taken. Copying, duplicating, saving as a digital file, printing, publishing in form of media including web, manipulating, transmitting or reproducing without prior written permission of Stay Focus Production is strictly forbidden and would constitute a breach copyright. A limited PRINT RELEASE is supplied for personal use only and printing. You may also post your photos on social media or other outlets when giving credit using @StayFocusProduction.

Are there any copyright or restrictions for demonstrating your photos to public or posting to social media such as Facebook and Instagram?

Face to Face Consultation

How can you got a free face to face consultation?

When you are selecting your photo shooting packages, you can check the "communication" in the corresponding packages which is showing the communication methods such as "Phone/email" or "1 Hour Face to Face Consultation".

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